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My makeup Favorites :


First I wanted you to know that  this post is not in any way sponsored.

I love trying new products and always have , so i have decided for the first time , i am going to share it with you :

  1. Maybeline pore eraser One of my first high end makeup products was from benefit , and then i found this babe wich is 20£ Cheaper than the Benefit one , with exactly the same results!! Makes my skin so smooth i am i love with it .
  2. DIOR forever foundation    one of my split shifts me and my coworker went for some window shopping therapy around convent garden and ended up at the Dior boutique , they found a foundation that matched my skin, and let me tell you that foundation lasted me the whole day and by that i mean from 6 am to 12am !! I can live without it .+ It was also my first time trying a glow finish foundation .
  3. filmstar  bronzeand glow : Okey this is great , lets start by the fact that i am not a makeup guru , but this makes me look like i could be the next on the runway , shapes my face and enhances my facial assets .
  4. Charlote tilbury bronzer brush : NOw , i know this is the most expensive brush i have ever owned and maybe for you its not worth it for you , but you cant have a great finish without a great brush.
  5. legendary brows: THIS is the best thing that ever happen to my makeup collection and my dear brows , not only sets them in place but it wakes them look fuller .
  6. Master precise curvy : Everyone of us by that i mean we clumsy women and men who tried to make a perfect wing and failed , this is our future . And trust me my eyeliner game hasn’t been the same since i meet this little baby .
  7. Black Mascara : Because who doesn’t like perfect eyelashes ?

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