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SO Finally ! i went to Paris . Its been on my bucket list since forever , and let me tell you , it was magical .

Yes I planned every single thing and by the second day I already knew everything about Paris , and of course I stuffed my face with as many foods and flavors as I could .

On the first day , we went for a walk around the tour eifel and some monuments arround, we found a lovely restaurant  .

The next day was a quite busy day  we satrted having croissants at a bakery near by , and we went straight to the war museum , wich wasnt really for me , so after that we went to The Jardin des Tuileries , and then to le musse d’orangerie where the paintings of Monet are a Must .

After we made a stop in Angelinas , which is the Best hot  chocolat spot in the world !

People where queuing  and i can tell you it was worth it  , plus their Mont Blanc  is one of the best and their signature pastry.

With our stomachs filled we headed to the louvre , where i finally meet La Gioconda .

after this lovely that  my BF surprised me with a dinner cruise down the sienna and there he purposed !!! it was  a lovely surprise .

the next two days we went in this order to ;

the Tour Eiffel , Versailles , Notre Dame , La Consiergerie  , Sainte Chapelle , Arc de Triomph and  Le Moulin Rouge .

yellow dress : sold out but here is a similar one


Yellow Shoes ; are from primark .

Kimono : is from zara is sold out.

Cami : form h&m 

Trainers : TKMAX

Jeans : h&m

Blue Striped Dress : was from last season  but heres  one from very

Red handbag : massimo dutty  is from last season 😦

multicolor handbag : is from zara , its on sale right now , so hurrry

pearly white bag : zara as well

pink bag : zara as well.

pink shoes : primark

 black dress

black sleveless shirt


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