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Day at The Tower of London:

I know what you are thinking , well actually no I don’t , but I suppose you are thinking ( here we go again another touristy post ) because who wants to see a 20 year old stalking random people to take pictures of me ? Right well now I am on that phase where I like to be alone and I enjoy it and I like love it 😍 but still need someone to take the pics 😏BCAY0887[1]


IMG_4994.JPGIMG_5098.JPGso this lovely dress is from H&M for 25£ , its so lovely and i love how many compliments i get !! (LIKE OMG ) and that killer bag which is so chloesque  does this word even exist ?  anyway , its from mango and those shoes where a total bargain in primark for 4£, LOL i know i know you can thank me later 😉

And of course lets not forget about this statement earrings , i wear them at any opportunity i have , they just raise my game to a whole new level .(they are from h&m.

As always hope you like it its been a while since i posted , long story but i will make it up to you xx



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