Disneyland Paris :

I did it . I have  FINALLY spent the most magical 4 days of my life (for those who not know me as child i was obsessed with Disney and going to Disneyland Paris is the best decision i have ever made  even though i have spent half of my life saving .

Now ,really this was a surprise trip for my little sister ,she’s 16 but [nervous laugh] and it was a great excuse to go myself .




AS soon as we where in the park I started walking like a maniac pushing children and families aside  we started with walt disney studios where we learnt to draw , and meet Goofy and  it was surreal and it was a lovely experience , the rides where amazing  like : the tower of terror nearly made me shit myself  , the crush coaster was my favourite ride  , the green soldier etc



now that we did finish the Disney studios we did  half of the Disneyland park,  meet almost all the characters , thanks to my rushing to the cue [ nervous laugh] .

But my favourite part was seeing my sister , she looked so happy and that made me feel happy? Hard to explain , but it even exceeded the amazing I REPEAT AMAZING !firework show i have ever seen in my 21 years of life .



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


I woke up exited again and realising I was still on my happy place , it was raining but that didn’t stop us from having one of the best weeks of our life , I mean  Disneyland , Best friend and sister travelling for the first time together without anyone to tell us what to do ??! [crazy smile ]

By the way I meet Minnie  and OMG I was happier then when I get a KFC meal we rode all the attractions and ate at HAKUNA MATATA restaurant , did anyone hear me ?

we couldn’t stop laughing all day long we were stress free , and just relaxed , that night was a little bit sad as we knew it was our last night there [sobbing   ]

DAY FOUR :LGDM4986[1]CTMP5050[1]GKMI7070[1]

After all those amazing days and memories that i will always keep near my heart (dont roll your eyes at me , Yes YOU )

we spent half a day there saying goodbye to our beloved Mickey and friends that gave us the biggest hugs ever !

conclusion  of this whole post:



3 You will thank me later .

Thank you for reading this post it realy means a lot.

XOXO Miss Mia






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