Peggy Porschen Boutique :

So two days ago i decided to visit the famous bakery , and YESS  it is true what they say , its a little piece of heaven , where you can have a selection of cakes and cupcakes that are baked to the perfection , their deign is marvelous and well , just taking about it makes me wanna go back for more !


The queuing was an  hour long , and it was worth it .







Pastry :

Glorious Victoria sponge baked with real vanilla, layered with raspberry jam and vanilla bean buttercream. and the caramel and vanilla cupcake that melts in your mouth .

Drinks : rose tea and mocha coffee





what i whore :

basically everything is from primark

Dress 13£

belt 4£

shoes 7£

bought them in Tottenham Court Road